zondag 19 augustus 2012

A layout to cool you down!

Hello everybody,

Oh, how hot it is here in the netherlands! Above thirty degrees and this already in the morning.

So i tought i would share a layout with you today with winter photo's to cool down a bit.
I made it a couple of months ago. The pictures are taken by my neighbour Toinie van Rutten, in the park in our neighbourhood.

The paper i used is from echopark, don't know the name of it anymore. I used a lot liquid enamel and perfect pearls on this layout to give it an "icy" feel.  Hope this will cool you down a bit!!

Groetjes Brigitta

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  1. Heerlijk, je zou nu bijna naar de winter verlangen, mooie foto's en mooie layout.


Ik vind het erg leuk dat je de moeite neemt te reageren op mijn blogpost! Groetjes Brigitta